How to Divorce Your Wife

So you hate your wife and can’t wait to get her out of your life? Well, not so fast! Here are some important steps you need to take before you file for divorce.

Consult a divorce lawyer
Contact an experienced divorce lawyer as soon as possible when you decide you want to divorce your spouse. You need an expert to inform you about your legal rights in your state and the sooner you get the information you need, the better prepared you will be in the upcoming divorce battle.

Angry womanMake copies of everything
You will be amazed of how much paper work that is involved in a divorce. Make a list of all the legal documents and statements you and your wife have. These may include:

Tax returns
Mortgage documents
Automobile titles
Earning statements for your wife
Bank statements and check registers
Retirement and investment account statements
Financial statements
Credit card statements
Social security statements
Life insurance policies
Wills and living trusts

Make a list of all your belongings
Make a list of everything you own, starting with major things like cars, furniture, appliances and jewelry, and work your way down to the little stuff. Try to remember how those things came into your possession so you don’t get sidelined by your wife when time comes to divide all your stuff. Think about what possessions are most important to you, and which you may be able to use in a bargaining situation.

Get informed about your family’s budget and expenses
You need to know as much as possible about your family’s financial situation before you go into the divorce proceedings. Go through your check register and find out your family’s monthly cash expenditure. Then make a realistic budget on what you, your spouse, and your kids, need after the divorce.

Contact a financial planner
Talk to a financial planner that is experienced in the divorce field. He/she will be able to advice you on how you best can prepare for life after the divorce, such as building your credit so you can get a loan for a new home, etc.